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We meet to train our dogs in Agility. We run introductory courses with our trainer. At main club sessions you get assistance from our trainer and other members. The club relies on a friendly and co-operative atmosphere to thrive and be enjoyable. Please be aware that we have high demand for beginners agility courses means we get very booked up.

Covid and us

Due to high demand and covid restrictions we are sorry but we have

no places left for beginners

this year. Out training sessions for club members will run when permitted

Show Day

Sedgefield Race Course is an excellent venue.

At present we do not know when we will be permitted to have our show day.

South Durham Dog Agility Club


We are a club, with a committee that looks after our activities. All excess funds are invested back into the club to help benefit all members. We enjoy working with our dogs. The health and well being of the dogs comes first.


South Durhan Dog Agility Club

This is our 22nd year, a mile stone in continuing training of dogs and handlers. We still have original members partaking in our activities (Humans not dogs) and continue to promote the original concept of the club.

The club was established to make sure the welfare of the dogs are paramount, to develop activities that allow owners and dogs to enjoy activities together. Twenty one years must mean that the founders managed to achieve their aims and the present membership seeks to continue this into the future. fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteu sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id.


We meet and train just south of Darlington on the Neasham road, not far from Mowden Rugby Stadium (Formerly Darlington Football Club).

Our club members and trainers are friendly and put the interest of the dogs first. We will ask for proof of vaccinations as our dogs health is important. We have members at a range of grades for agility and have some very keen flyball participants. We welcome all comers and have a large range of breeds taking part. If your dog enjoys participating with you, then we would like to see you coming along.

The club provides all equipment except, you will need is a collar, lead, poop-a-scope bags (just in case), treats and a favoured toy to reward your partner with (dog not......)



We have high quality, competition equipment as well as training equipment. We have a complete set of the normally used and some of the less commonly used.

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We have enough to create a jumping course. For training purposes they are set at appropriate heights for not only size of dog but age and ability. Included in this class is a tyre and a brick(not real) wall.

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A frame and High Level Walk

We have a competition standard A frame and Heigh Level Walk with full rubber safety surface with contact points being coloured. This is supported with a Low Level Training Walk used to introduce the dogs to the equipment

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See Saw & Weaves

A full competition see saw with rubber surface and contact colours. Once again we have a training See Saw for introducing the dogs to how it feels.
A full weave set as well as training weaves which can be opened out so that dogs get used to going through them.

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We have the tunnels which can be either straight or used curved.

South Durham Dog Agility Club


Please feel free to use the contact form below and we will get back to you or below that is our email and a telephone number. If you would like to be phoned back, please do include your number on the messages.


EMAIL FOR Foundation Courses